Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Rituals Hair Salon is a Great Lengths certified Wichita salon offering clients expertise in 100% natural human hair extensions, products and care.

The amazing process of getting extensions transforms short or unsightly hair styles into shiny, full-bodied hair. The invention of Great Lengths extensions set off a revolution in 1991. It has become a sign of our times with women (and men) preferring non-aggressive technical solutions and 100% natural human hair products to enhance their appearance and hair styles.

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Great Lengths hair extensions

Great Lengths Hair Products

Great LengthsGreat Lengths is one step ahead from the start; so far, no other hair lengthening system has developed a similarly non-compromising technique of attaching additional hair strands to the customer’s own hair. Great Lengths is made of only perfect, 100% natural, high-quality human hair. Rituals Hair Salon uses only the best Great Lengths products to shift your hairstyle easily, quickly and dramatically.

For more information about Great Lengths Hair Extensions, contact us or visit the official Great Lengths website.


Common Questions About Our Hair Extensions

What kind of hair extensions do you offer?
All our hair extensions come from Great Lengths and are made of all natural 100% human hair.

Do you offer any other kind of hair extensions like micro bead or tape in extensions?
No. We offer our clients only hair extensions from Great Lengths. We believe in providing you with the best technical and long term solution available.

How much does it cost to get hair extensions?
Pricing depends on the length of hair you want and how many bundles of hair you need. Depending on how much body you want and how long you want your hair to be, we will determine how many bundles we’ll need to order. A price will be determined during your consultation. Typically hair extensions start at $800 and go up. The price for hair extensions includes the purchasing of hair as well as the application of the extensions.

After my consultation, how long will it be until the extensions are put in?
After your consultation, we’ll place an order for your hair extensions. Timing can vary but we typically get extensions shipped to our salon within a week. For an extra charge we can get the extensions shipped overnight. Your appointment for putting your extensions in will be made as soon as we get your extensions in our salon. Appointment times depend on your stylists availability but typically are scheduled within 2-8 days after receiving the extensions.

The day I get the extensions put in, how long will my appointment be?
The length of your hair appointment will vary depending on how much hair we have to put in. Our typicall hair extension appointments can last anywhere from 2-5 hours.

What length of hair extensions are available?
Great Lengths hair extensions come in bundles that are 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ in length. If you are wanting a hair length that is between one of these sizes, we will purchase the longer hair extensions and then trim it down to the hair length you’re looking for.

How do you match my current hair color to the hair extensions?
We prefer to color your hair prior to putting hair extensions in for a seamless match and a new look for you. If you’re happy with your current hair color, we can match the hair extensions to match.

How long do hair extensions stay in?
Great Lengths hair extensions are designed to stay in until they grow out naturally. If you want your hair extensions removed before they grow out, we can remove them for you with our removal tool and hair solution.

I want my hair extensions removed, can you help?
Absolutely. We can remove your Great Lengths hair extensions with our removal tool and hair solution. The process takes about 1-2 hours and costs $85 per hour.