Privacy Policy

I love my clients and our clients love us. This page explains your rights and understanding while visiting our website, Please read the following information carefully as the use of our website binds you to these policies.

Our privacy policy covers the usage of our website and information contained within, but does not cover any policies we may have for you while you visit our salon nor does it cover our services while visiting our hair stylist in Wichita, Kansas.

While we have carefully crafted this public information and we try to correct mistakes as soon as possible, be advised that use of information presented on our website should be used at your own risk. In the simplest of terms, this means we (as allowed by law) are not contractually or extracontractually at fault, in any manner, for any harm this website (or any external website we link to) might cause you.

We take your personal privacy seriously. When you visit our website, our server does collect some technical information about you (harmless stuff like what web browser you’re using, what your IP address, how wide your monitor is, etc) and also track which pages you visit on our site. The information collected is anonymous for the most part and we will use it only to create anonymous statistics that help us to improve our website and your experience on our website. Information that is not anonymous is always kept confidential and only used to contact you in the event you wish to be contacted about our salon or the services we provide. Assuming you’re up to no good, we may also provide your information collected about you if, in cases of fraud or other criminal activity, we are subpoenaed to do so by law. However, we believe our website visitors to be upstanding citizens and expect only great things from you.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect non-identifying and aggregate information to improve our website which in-turn improves your experience while visiting our website. is operated by
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We welcome any questions you may have about us or our privacy policy. Contact us.

Our hair stylist is located in Wichita, Kansas which is the heartland of the United States of America. Any claims, lawsuits or similar discussions about our privacy policy or your use of this website is under the jurisdiction of U.S. law and will be addressed in court in Wichita, Kansas.